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GT1818/3 CNC Boiler Barrel Drilling Machine

GT1818/3 CNC Boiler Barrel Drilling Machine

Mainly used in drilling of boiler drum and similar workpiece , with working capacity ,9 Meters workpiece ,max drilling dia. 1800mm.

Product Details

GT1818/3 CNC boiler barrel drilling machine

I .Machine application:
Mainly used in drilling of boiler drum and similar workpiece , with working capacity ,9 Meters workpiece ,max drilling dia. 1800mm.

II .Machine structure and Mechanism
This machine includes the following parts :
Machine bed I.
Designed to carry the head and end of machine bed ,slipway,under support. And the head & end of the bed equipped with hydraulic chuck to clamping workpiece;
Machine bed II
Designed to carry the longitudinal slide carriage , drilling head, hydraulic slipway, fore clamping pressure device , used to install drilling device;
Besides that, it also includes back support, chip collector & cooling, hydraulic system, electrical system, Laser alignment device etc.
1. NO. I Machine is mainly used to carry the workpiece .On side of machine body , installed fixed bed head , and on the upper surface installed two Rectangular guideway , which will realize the sliding of bed back and bottom support . Installed hydraulic pressure three jaw chuck on the bed head and back separately , to center locating clamp of boiler drum with clamping dia. range 200 -1800 mm; installedlifter on the back support for saving workpiece during working . The longitudinal moving of bed back will realize working of 2-9m boiler drum . On the head of machine body, installed CNC scale division facility , realize the rotation scale division on the range of ±180 degree.
2.NO. II Machine is mainly used to carry the longitudinal moving of drilling. Equipped with three independent drilling head , its moving relies on the longitudinal slide carriage, hydraulic slipper on the NO. II machine , with hydraulic lock .
Drilling head can realize stroke control automatically by hydraulic slipper and automatic exchanging of fast infeeding, working infeeding, fast back . Through adjust the blot space of contactless switch ,it Can also be achieved automatically stop when the drill bit in the end of the drilling exit a certain distance, no-need back to the limit position completely ,saving the working time, improving efficiency, good accuracy . Maximum drilling dia. can up to 100mm, processing a wide range.
3. Equipped with fore and back support, which can realize self-adapt hydraulic top tight in the shell fore and back of boiler drum ,after chunk clamping the boiler drum. To improve the rigidity of drilling
4. The machine equipped with Laser alignment device, which can be installed on the taper hole of spindle for any drilling head, as to correct the welding space of longitudinal and Transverse outside of boiler drum conveniently ,and confirm the drilling space .
5. Workpiece CAD drawing can be input directly, the system generates process procedure automatically, realize the separate drilling of three spindle for all holes. Adopts CNC control method, English interface, easy operation.
6. Equipped with four CNC axis: for workpiece rotation and the longitudinal moving of three drilling heads.
7. Equipped with linear roller guider ,gear rack , precision reducing device, hydraulic pump, value, PLC, servomotor, driver etc, which adapt world famous brand , to make the reliability of whole machine well, less breakdown, high turning on rate.

III. Technical Parameter





Workpiece Size

Boiler drum dia.


Length of Boiler Drum

2-18 Meters

Drum plate thickness (max)


Drilling dia. (max)


Precision of hole distance

Adjacent hole:±1.0mm
The farthest hole:±1.5mm


Drilling spindle head

Max torque(n=80r/min)



Hydraulic slipway,
Quick infeeding-drilling –quick back  automatically exchanging



Taper hole of Spindle

Morse 6

Rotation speed of spindle


The stroke of spindle


Spindle infeeding speed (Hydraulic stepless)


Motor powder of spindle


Hydraulic fluid working temperature


Laser alignment device

adjust hole position according to weilding position

Rotation speed of workpiece


moving speed of carrige


motor power of talistock driver


servo motor power of carrige driver


motor power of cooling pump


motor power of chip conveyor driver


distance from chuck to ground


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