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Break the high-end automatic drilling machine import monopolies

Jinan Supertime Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 13, 2016

Break the high-end automatic drilling machine import monopoly. Meanwhile, the result has broad application prospects last year, Henan Zhongyuan engine fittings company limited one-time order 6 units worth millions of Yuan from yinchuan Dahe CNC automatic drilling machines, significant economic benefits.
The reporter learned from the science and Technology Department of the autonomous region, automatically by the yinchuan Dahe CNC drilling machine Guangzhou CNC equipment co, Ltd to jointly develop China's first independently developed and independent innovation of automatic drill rig's intelligent control system for numerical control honing, breaks the automatic drilling CNC honing machines are totally dependent on imports.
It is understood that the intelligent control system in yinchuan Dahe CNC automatic drilling machine produced by the company related to practical application on the automatic drilling machine, performance is stable and reliable. While yinchuan Dahe CNC drilling machines also automatically obtained through independent research and development, "honed spindle reciprocating servo control device" and "honed spindle servo control of reciprocating belt drive" 2 invention patents, which together support automatic drill CNC honing machine passed the test of national quality supervision and inspection Center for automatic drilling machine.

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