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Development of automatic drilling machine market in China has great potential

Jinan Supertime Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 13, 2016

In recent years, the industrial development of automatic drilling machine is very fast for my automatic drilling machine industry has brought new development opportunities. However, due to the global financial crisis and other factors, development of automatic drilling machine industry in China still suffer the effects. In such circumstances, automatic drilling machine enterprises in China need to eliminate backward production capacity, and enhance market competitiveness, expanding the development space.
Experts predict that by 2015, the stainless steel automatic drilling machine market in China than the United States market 10% than Japan market four times. Buyers will purchase 2.4 billion dollars ' worth of stainless steel automatic drilling machine. By 2015, the buyers ' top ten list of the three, as well as six of the top 20 rankings in Asia.
Seen from the international environment, although the current low pump valve product added value of China's exports, but China pump and valve manufacturing enterprise as long as efforts to increase technology research and development, and development of high value products, the export potential of this market is still very large.
During 35 pump valve industry development orientation for: high-end, complete sets, global economy, and international strategy, and put to the Twelve-Five end, high-end products represent more than 40% pump output, set output 20% output value accounted for pump valve and other development goals.
With the development of technology of automatic drilling machine, automatic drilling machines field of application continuously expanding, stainless steel automatic drilling machine with the corresponding standard is more and more indispensable. Stainless steel automatic drilling machine industry entering a period of innovation, product category not only need replacement, automatic drilling machines, internal management also needs to deepen reform according to industry standards.

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