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New technical strength form of Chinese machine tool industry

Jinan Supertime Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 13, 2016

These days, punching and shearing machine product development accelerated, reflects the current trend of high-end CNC machine tool CNC machine tools of the world come out, obviously increases the overall quality of China's machine tool industry. However, compared with developed countries, China's machine tool numerical control rate is not high.

After the rapid development, while our CNC machine tool industry has begun to take shape, also achieved marked results in independent innovation, the industry's international status has been a significant increase, as a classification of the equipment manufacturing industry, especially NC machine tool in machine tool industry will be lower demand for development support.

Due to changes in international machine tool marketing strategies, high technology as the Guide, using high-tech Assembly of low-price mid-range machine quickly occupied the China machine tool market, the domestic machine tool companies pose serious challenges to China. In this case, large industry stronger has become essential.

In the process of internationalization, we want to meet the challenge, first of all to do their thing, you want to build a good platform, integrate the resources. Our CNC cutting machine tool industry's goal is to first catch up with Taiwan, and the second catch up with Europe and, on a level with the world's advanced level, real round our CNC shearing machine with power of dreams.

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