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On several problems of the domestic machine tool industry

Jinan Supertime Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 13, 2016

Structural problems

United States, Germany, Japan, a variety of machine tools, machine tools, further development of flexible production lines, high production efficiency on the basis of the comprehensive development of automatic and efficient automation. Machine tools in China constitute very left behind, accounted for more than 40% lathe roughing, finishing grinding machines only 12%. Process, equipment, tools and other backward. In recent years, China's machine tool production roughing machines are still higher than 40%. 2004 national yield 389,000 units of metal cutting machines, 51,861 units of CNC machine tools, 13%. That's about 300,000 ordinary machine tools. Lathe is still in 40%.

Quality problems

For a long time, machine in the fierce competition in the world, attaches great importance to quality. Compare China's machine tool performance is not satisfactory in terms of quality. Is the most telling data, current rapid increase the accuracy of machine tools in the world, and into the nano-scale. In the development of nanotechnology, Japan set off a boom.

Improving the accuracy of the machine thanks to the death defying stunts, relying on high quality talents and high-precision equipment. This, obviously, China's machine tool industry are not available. In the mid 1960 of the 20th century countries in the development of high-precision machine tools to do some work, have made great achievements, but the brand factory, a number of experts and technical workers for some time, but now these companies ' decline. The high-precision machine tools of the trade, the development of precision machine tools, although it cannot be said to be a successor, but it has a serious lack of staying power. On the whole, with the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries the gap is growing. In a complex machine, this will be the future development of a very deadly event.

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