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The Characteristics of CNC Tube Sheet Drilling Machine

Jinan Supertime Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 07, 2017


1. CNC tube sheet drilling machine to reduce the length of the bed, saving the area. Bed, beams using steel plate welded structure, the artificial aging treatment, precision and stability. Reinforced gantry greatly increases the rigidity of the machine and ensures a large amount of cutting.

2. Longitudinal (X-axis) movement of the gantry is guided by a high-precision linear guide mounted on both sides of the bed. 3. Drives the use of servo motor drive reducer bilateral synchronous drive. Guide rails and gear racks have eliminated the gap, good response, high positioning accuracy.

4. Spindle motor driven by the gear after the spindle, variable frequency stepless speed regulation. Spindle feed with displacement hydraulic automatic stroke, when the drill head fast forward contact with the workpiece, can automatically switch to work; drill through the workpiece, but also automatically switch to rewind, to achieve automatic feed cycle.

5. CNC tube board drill with machine tool lighting, is conducive to observation and operation.

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