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2015 Machine Tool Industry Is Doomed To Hard And Full Of Hope

Jinan Supertime Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 13, 2016

Germany academia and industry believe that the next 10 years, based on Cyber-physical systems (Cyber-PhysicalSystem, abbreviated as CPS) intelligent, humans entered the fourth industrial revolution led by the intelligent manufacturing. "Industrial 4.0" core strategies is through the CPS network people, equipment, and real-time connectivity products, mutual recognition and effective communication to build a highly personalized and flexible digital model of intelligent manufacturing.

Industry 4.0 is the lifeline of listed companies of machine tool industry, combat losses, the stock market help the end of 14, thanks to the strong rebound of the stock market and industry 4.0 concepts on the brink of collapse of the industrial machine tool companies listed have a lift 4.0 concepts, and won a large number of investment funds to cover up the poor market performance.

Industry 4.0 emphasized personalized production and quick response, and currently used in machine tool giant mass production is two systems. How can a bloated bureaucracy has the potential to achieve highly flexible personalization production work? 4.0 industrial SMEs against antitrust giant's powerful armed forces.

Industrial vision 4.0 is currently nearly thirst can save the machine tool industry is the robot industry. Robot nearly 37,000 in China in 2013 sales, rose 60%, 1/5 per cent of global sales to become the world's largest robot market. 2014 our robots sold 50,000 sales high.</p

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