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Ball Screw Installation

Jinan Supertime Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 27, 2016

Ball Screw Installation 

It’s known to all, every CNC equipment installation, from machine bed, working table, CNC system, ball screw, guide rail, to bearings, installation should meet process and technical requirements. 

For installation and quality have direct influences. Better machine installation and quality can surely improve efficiency and accuracy, reduces usage and maintenance costs.

Ball screw is driving device for converting rotary motion to linear motion. Rolling replaces sliding, so with small friction, better performance. Only for axial load. 

Please pay attention to ball screw installation, because radial force and bending moment can generate additional surface contact stress on ball screw, and leads to permanent damage.

. Effective stroke of ball nut: 
Ball nut should move within its effective stroke range, equip limits on both ends of stroke, avoid nut dropping from ball screw shaft, and balls drop off. 
. High driving efficiency of ball screw: 
Ball screw can’t be locked automatically, while driving in vertical direction, if parts are not balance, operator should prevent reverse drive because of driving stop or power off. To avoid reverse driving: worm gear and worm drive, electric breaker etc. 
. Ball screw is parallel to supporting axis: 
Bearing seat center line of two ends of machine should be in line with nut seat center line. 
. Ball screw installation: 
Don’t remove nut from ball screw shaft, if must, then use auxiliary equipment to avoid balls from dropping while loading and unloading. 
. Install nut into nut seat: 
Please avoid striking and eccentric.

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