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Carbide Drill Usage Instruction Of CNC Angle Drilling

Jinan Supertime Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 09, 2017

Widely applied in steel tower and power transmission industries, CNC angle line is designed and manufactured by Jinan Supertime Technology Co.,Ltd. Company engages in various CNC machines over 20 years, well sold in domestic and oversea markets.

Drill is vital part for CNC angle drilling machine, directly influences processing efficiency and accuracy, and further influences production quantity. How to use properly is important for operators. Here we give you very beneficial knowledge of carbide drill usage. 

1. Carbide drill features: 
Sweden made SECO drill, and has the following highlights: 
. Step technique, can obtain better efficiency and higher drilling quality. 
. Blade has 4 cutting edges, can greatly reduce production cost. 
. Centralized cooling has better cooling effect. 

2. Drill structure: 
Composed of drill bar, inner and outer blades, and blade screw. Cutting liquid is discharged from inner cooling hole, inner blade has 4 cutting edges, change a new blade until all 4 edges wear out. Blade is consumable part, operator should use properly and prolong service life. 

Notice: Change inner and outer blades ate the same time. Screw also should be changed after equipping 10 new inner and outer blades, to protect drill bar and blades.

3. Adjustment of line speed and feeding rate: 
After choosing one brand carbide drill, do drilling experiments with minimum set value of line speed and feeding rate, gradually increase values to achieve better performance. In this way can ensure tool’s longevity and reduce production cost. 

SECO carbide drill: line speed 200m/min, feeding rate forφ18mm, 0.06mm/r; forφ22, 0.06mm/r; forφ26, 0.08mm/r.

4. Drill and back position setting: 
After changing new drill bar or drilling head, if movable switch position has changes, accordingly should change drilling position parameters, to avoid damage to blade or drill bar. 
In order to improve processing efficiency, back position shouldn’t be far from angle material. 

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