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Classification Of CNC Machines

Jinan Supertime Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 03, 2017

According to national formulation of machine tool model, CNC machine is divided into 11 categories: 

Lathe, drilling machine, boring machine, grinder, gear cutting machine, thread cutting machine, milling machine, planer slotting machine, broaching machine, sawing machine and other machine tools etc.


In each kind of machine tool, according to technical scope, the layout type and the structure performance are divided into several groups, each group is divided into several series.

Besides the basic classification methods above, others are:

According to universal degree: 
. Universal machine: wide range of technology, can complete parts of various types and processes, such as the horizontal lathe, universal cylindrical grinder and radial drilling machine, etc. 
. Specialized machine: narrow technology scope, designed and manufactured for specialized parts or processes, such as gear lathe, screw milling machine, etc. 
. Machine of special purpose: the most narrow technology scope, designed and manufactured for specialized parts or processes, such as Supertime gantry movable type high efficiency tube sheet & baffle plate drilling machine.

Machine is mainly used for tube sheet drilling in boiler barrel industry and welding basin shaped holes. Can use twist drill or inner cooling carbide drill for high speed drilling, no need for manual scribe, greatly improves holes position precision and drilling efficiency, realizes drilling automation.

According to processing precision: 
Divided into ordinary precision machine, precision machine and high precision machine.

According to weight and size: 
Divided into instrument machine, medium machine (common machine), large machine (weight over 10t), heavy machine (weight over 30t), super heavy machine (weight over 100t).

According to machine main parts: 
Single spindle machine, multi-spindle machine, single blade, multi-blade machines etc.

According to automatic degree
Divided into ordinary machine, semi-automatic and automatic machine.

Automatic machine has complete automatic work cycle, including automatic loading and unloading workpiece, realizes automatic processing. In comparison loading and unloading of semi-automatic machine is completed manually, therefore doesn’t realize continuous processing,

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