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CNC Machine Manufacture Expert Of Supertime--Focus On Details

Jinan Supertime Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 30, 2016

CNC Machine Manufacture Expert of Supertime--Focus on Details 

As saying goes: 
Success or failure depends on details. 
A small discrepancy can lead to a great error.


Details are vital, and the same as machine details. 
Recently, we received call from customer who purchased
CNC hydraulic plate punching machine from Jinan Supertime Technology Co.,Ltd, his problem was not enough punching force when machine run 1-2h. Checked all machine parts, as high pressure, cylinder leakage, pressure valve etc, but problem couldn’t be solved.

We asked: “when did you change hydraulic oil?” 
Customer said they never changed. 
“Oil should be changed and maintenance is necessary when car runs 10000km.” 
In our machine operation instructions, indicates pressure oil change time and period.

Oil change necessity: 
After long-time usage, hydraulic oil lubrication and wear resistance can’t meet machine running needs, what’s more sludge deposits in bottom of oil tank, regular oil change can ensure machine efficiency.

Oil change method: 
Check hydraulic oil quality, color and other indexes. 
Inform us, Supertime suggests oil model and quantity. 
Change oil, and clean oil tank, until machine runs normally.


More technical questions, welcome contact with us.

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