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CNC Structural Beam Drilling Machine

Jinan Supertime Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 26, 2017

CNC structural beam drilling machine is widely applied in stereo garage, steel structure, construction, building etc.


Now we give you a brief comparison in various aspects of normal speed (to 560rpm) and high speed (6000rpm) drilling machines.

structural beam drilling machine.jpg

Tools comparison:

High speed: Carbide drill (Sweden Sandvik) or twist drill;

Normal speed: Only twist drill.


Cooling method:

High speed: inner cooling (spray cooling)+out cooling (spray cooling);

Normal speed: Out cooling (spray cooling);

--Both are environmental protection!

cnc beam drilling machine.jpg

Drilling efficiency (diameter 30mm, thickness 30mm):

High speed: 3000rpm, feeding speed 0.1mm/r, about 6s

Normal speed: rotation speed 250rpm, feeding speed 0.2mm/r, about 50s

--Efficiency 3 times higher!


Cost comparison (thickness 20mm):

High speed: 1 shank with 2 blades, blades cost 21 dollars, can drill 1500 holes, 00.015 dollars/hole, surface smoothness 6.3;

Normal speed: relatively lower smoothness 12.5.



High speed: Can install 3x4 tool magazine;

Normal speed: without ATC.


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