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Correctly Predicting The Overall Development Of China's Machine Tool Industry

Jinan Supertime Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 13, 2016

Currently we machine industry of more than 4,000 more than enterprise, probably points three class, good of is minority, in led whole industry progress, ahead development, they 2008 years of task not only didn't declined, and 2009 years of task also received have almost has; also has part enterprise hard business down, this class enterprise also not more; most enterprise is struggled, tried through through, to designed, and fine, and special change, looking for new of development way.
Major fields in the revitalization plan recently proposed by the Ministry in 11 areas to focus on the development of that railway, aerospace, textile, instruments and other 11 areas as priority areas of support by the Ministry, in development planning. So you want to look on the bright side, to see, to see continued momentum our firm side, of course, to see the impact of the crisis, gave us difficulties, or to think a bit more better.
But now there are two kinds of estimates: one is the view taken by the end of 2009 the national measures can be put in place, there will be new developments in the second half. I now realize that countries take measures to 4 trillion yuan indeed used only 20 days of time off, but would also like to see a lot of problems. I think it is in the central budget implementation, implement 100 billion yuan at the end of 2008 is more concrete. The second level is the place, where 18 trillion yuan of the total investment, despite the false side, but never less than 10 trillion yuan. If that's the case, local projects with the central project, stimulating domestic demand is the power.
Also estimates that by 2009 in order to recover, some of these estimates are mostly based on international situation, I think that this is not necessarily correct. So if you are reversed in the 2009 year we prepared. If the end of 2009, we are better equipped to prepare, rather prepared a little earlier, not to relax, do not give up, not give up developing goals. Facing the financial crisis we need to have a sense of, also must have the confidence to solve the problem.

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