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Delivery To Users Rotation Angle Metal Cutting Saws

Jinan Supertime Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 07, 2017

Supertime CNC rotation angle metal cutting saw has been delivered to domestic users today.


Why chose Supertime?

Our users compared almost all manufacturers of CNC rotation angle metal cutting saws in China, and they believed this machine has higher speed and better cutting performance for own factory usage. 

rotation angle metal cutting saw

After machine technical inspection and commissioning, machine processing efficiency is 3 times higher than other ordinary machines.

Technical introduction DJ1000:

. For cutting and sawing beam, channel, box girder, square tubes etc.

. Workpiece size (flange width x web height) 200x75-1000x500mm

. Movable machine and workpiece fixed structure

. Machine has stable processing stability and good rigidity

. Cutting section is smooth with good cutting performance

. Saw blade feeding speed 20x100m/min, adopts hydraulic tension and rupture detection device

rotation angle metal cutting saw

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