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How To Maintain The Punching Machine

Jinan Supertime Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 13, 2016

A good equipment needs maintenance in order to make it to the extreme levels today, small series to learn how to make better machinery and equipment maintenance. Good equipment especially tube punching machines can be used for many years, proper maintenance can save time and effort. As the proverb says: a beard well lathered, let everyone follow me now grinding knives.
Pneumatic punching 1, stability;
2, plate angle, around the world, at the same time;
3, cross through the CCD cameras 40 times zoom;
4, bending systems for selective equipped with;
5, can be flexible Assembly, any type of pipe piercing the base of the printing press;
Tube punching machine maintenance of common sense
Assure long-term wet;
High quality lubricant with no color and moisture;
The compressed air must be dry, solenoid valve no water;
Do not use hard objects to ensure the tube punch life knocked red tube punching before using, no foreign bodies between the punch and die should be checked;
If not used for a long time tube punching machines should be stored in a dry and cool place and ensure the red head wet.
Second, simple approach to troubleshooting
1, when punch after punch down with nothing?
A: check that the air pressure is sufficient (about normal pressure 4mpa)
2, punch is often bad plastic bags?
A: check that the air pressure is sufficient;
B: check the punching system is working;
C: punching machine and bag check the hydraulic pipe cutter is synchronous;
3, when the punch good and bad (sometimes punching rushed down)?
A: check whether the solenoid valve inlet and work;
B: check that the cylinder is leaking;
More maintenance, only for your reference, and is subject to actual requirements.

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