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Hydraulic System Of CNC Angle Drilling

Jinan Supertime Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 04, 2017

CNC angle drilling machine is widely applied in steel tower and power transmission industries. Since Jinan Supertime Technology Co.,Ltd designed the first CNC angle line, company gradually enlarges design range and improves manufacturing ability.

Here we give you introduction of hydraulic system of CNC angle drilling. 

Hydraulic system: 
Various solenoid valves, check valves, relief valves, unloading valves, to ensure stable system running. Regular maintenance can improve system stability, reduce failure rate, prolong system and machine longevity.

1.High oil temperature ages system seals, low oil temperature hinders smooth system running. Abnormal temperature rise illustrates components abrasion or wrong pressure setting etc. 
2.Generally, optimum operating temperature of No.46 anti-wear hydraulic oil is 45-55. Oil temperature is no more than 65, if abnormal temperature occurs, should check machine immediately. In cold weather, oil temperature below 10, machine shouldn't switched on immediately because of relatively bad lubrication condition and components inflexibility. 

3.When switch on machine which stops running over 2 months, machine components should be fully lubricated before work. 
4.For longer downtime, retract piston rod to cylinder, or coat with anti-corrosive, change oil to anti-corrosive oil. 
5.In condition of serious leakage and regular breakdown, change components according to circumstances. 

Nowadays company effectively combines design, manufacture and selling, products range from: 
. CNC angle punching, drilling 
. CNC plate punching & drilling 
. CNC beam line 
. CNC band saw 
. Newly patented tube sheet & baffle plate drilling (mainly used in boiler industry).

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