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Internal Stresses Elimination Of CNC Plate Drilling

Jinan Supertime Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 26, 2016

Internal Stresses Elimination of CNC Plate Drilling

With rapid development of science and technology, manufacture is becoming more difficult, while conditions are stricter, and internal stresses elimination of gantry movable type CNC plate drilling machine is also becoming vital. 

For Jinan Supertime Technology Co.,Ltd, effective methods for elimination of internal stresses: thermal stress relief, vibration stress relief, natural stress relief, heat shock aging etc, After welding to stress annealing, whole part into furnace, also partial flame annealing, if the welding area is very small, also hitting method for internal stresses elimination. 

Method application: 
This technology is applied from CNC plate drilling machines, to CNC beam line, beveling machines, rotation angle band saws etc. 

After internal stresses elimination, Supertime CNC plate drills can withstand all tests under any environmental conditions, machines are popular and well sold in domestic and oversea markets in over 30 countries.

. Natural Stress Relief: 
Natural Stress Relief (NSR) refers to workpiece exposure in open air (6 months to 1 year around), with seasonal change of ambient temperature and time effect for eliminating residual stresses, under overload of temperature stress, the residual stress relaxation and the size precision can be obtained.

. Thermal Stress Relief: 
Thermal stress relief (TSR) is workpiece exposure to slow and uniform heat from house temperature (or no more than 150℃) to 550℃ around, keep heating for 4-8h, then release under strict cooling to 150℃, for residual stresses elimination, this can ensure processing precision and prevents from crack.

. Vibration Stress Relief: 
Vibration stress relief (VSR) is workpiece vibration treatment (including casting, forging, welding components etc) for several minutes to 10 min under natural frequency, in order to acquire size accuracy. This method has less energy consumption, shorter time, and better effect.

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