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Machine Tool Industry: Adjustment Of Product Structure

Jinan Supertime Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 13, 2016

In 2007, the high-speed development of China's machine tool industry has made six consecutive years of good grades, metalworking machine tool production value ranks third in the world for three consecutive years, including, CNC metal-cutting machine tools production exceeded 110,000, completed three years before the "Eleven-Five" goal of planned annual production capacity of 100,000 units. A large number of high-end CNC machine tools, such as multi-axis linkage composite machine tool, CNC heavy duty crank shaft processing machine tool, heavy duty multi-station press, super heavy duty CNC gantry-type milling machine with advanced new products successfully developed and put into use in the world, marking the domestic CNC machine tools in the development of the equipment manufacturing industry and defense industry plays an increasingly important role in the construction.
2008 will be the key to the revitalization of China's machine tool industry a year, strategic opportunities facing us, also faces serious challenges. Strategy opportunities main performance in: a is central, and State height attention NC machine industry, "high-end NC machine and based manufacturing equipment" national major technology special plans in 2008 years within started, will vigorously advance NC machine of technology progress; II is speed up revitalization equipment manufacturing 16 a focus field of breakthrough and manufacturing optimization upgrade continues to for machine industrial provides has huge of market needs; three is China machine industrial continuous 6 years high-speed development, has accumulated has revitalization development of industry based. Meanwhile, we also face energy and raw material prices, international competition of transnational corporations, technology innovation ability and many other challenges.
Seize the opportunity, meet the challenge, is to conscientiously implement the spirit of the party's 17, holding the banner, and scientific development. First, to to market for oriented adjustment structure, change industry development way, good word pledge, fast in which, is to speed up development NC machine, and NC system and function parts, efforts achieved full industry products structure adjustment of four a change: from production budget NC machine, to development in the, and high-end NC machine change; from to host production mainly, to host and function parts coordination development change; from single supply market, to provides completely of solution programme change; from to meet domestic need mainly, to to international market change. Thoroughly implement the scientific Outlook on development, realize the transformation of development mode, to enhance economic efficiency and international competitiveness of the industry.

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