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Scribe Function Of CNC Beam Drilling Machine

Jinan Supertime Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 28, 2016

Scribe Function of CNC Beam Drilling Machine 

Jinan Supertime Technology Co.,Ltd has over 20 years in CNC machine design and manufacture, equipment are exported to more than 30 countries around the world, and Supertime is becoming a leadership in domestic and oversea markets. 

CNC beam drilling machine, also know as CNC beam line, garage beam drilling, channel drilling etc. Widely applied for drilling H-beam, channel, angle, box girder and plate.

High processing accuracy and easy operation, makes it a necessary equipment in steel structure manufacturing industry. 

Well introduced in our latest posts of CNC beam line, today’s topic is its scribe function. 

Besides drilling function, realizes scribe function. 

Scribe function process: 
Firstly, equip scriber on quick change joint of spindle, scriber is driven by servo motor, to scribe position on flange and web, realizes scribe function on lengthwise direction by moving workpiece, and cross direction by moving power head. 

Servo motor: 
Each movable axis is controlled by servo motor, so scribe is clear, easy operation and high precision.

Special scriber: 
Supertime CNC beam drill provides you 3 sets of scriber, equip on each one of 3 drilling heads, uses may also choose simple scriber, for machine has good compatibility. 

Automatic scribe: 
Realizes automatic scribe function, only need to input relative workpiece program, system can complete scribe function automatically on needed places. 

P.S: This function is applicable to Supertime SWZ700, SWZ1000, SWZ1250 beam line. 

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