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Why Our CNC Angle Line Is Unique?

Jinan Supertime Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 07, 2017

We can say, in China, CNC angle line is a relative mature product, applied in transmission tower, telecommunication etc. With development, design and manufacture is not only restricted in angle punching, but also angle drilling machines.


Why SUPERTIME can stand out of numerous manufacturer? 

cnc angle line.jpg

During manufacture process:

1. Our CNC angle line worktable is forged from high rigidity steel, no scratches after long term usage, ensures high processing accuracy and longevity.

2. Main frame (base, punches, cutting, marking units), conveyor, welded parts after aging treatment, don’t deform over time.


Our improvement:

1. Company has several times improved CNC angle line control and hydraulic pneumatic systems, X axis feeding speed up to 50-70m/min, punching speed 30-38 time/min.

2. Improvement in electrical control software, and also gauge line (backmark), accuracy etc, solves angle material waste because of carriage feeding positioning inaccuracy.

cnc angle carriage.jpg

During assembling:

1. Assembling high accuracy following strictly process demands, professional technicians inspect each part with dial indicator and feeler.

2. CNC angle line passes GB/T19001-2000 ---- ISO9001:2000, serves already over 1000 companies worldwide.

3. Levelness and straightness error of conveyor 18m length is controlled within 0.5mm.


Before delivery:

1. 48h continuous operation or 3 days continuous test before machine delivery, ensure normal machine running and interests of users.


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