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CJHZ120 CNC Hydraulic Plate Punching,drilling Marking Machine

CJHZ120 CNC Hydraulic Plate Punching,drilling Marking Machine

Machine equipped with high precision spindle, for high performance drilling function.

Product Details

CJHZ120 CNC Hydraulic plate punching,drilling marking machine

The stronger CNC Hydraulic Marking and Punching and high speed drilling Machine Piston fixed, cylinder movement, four-oriented, eight-oriented band, smooth motion, long-term stability of the working pressure to reduce the punching power during the partial load, the device greatly improved the stability and reliability. For long time using this machine, it can keep high precision and long life.
1. Work piece program can be inputted manually, also can be created by lofting software automatically and then transmitted through USB or network, stimulant work piece graphics can be displayed in order to make program checking more conveniently.
2. Manufacturing process can be monitored in real-time, including data of process, status of external switches, and the indication of malfunction diagnosing is perfect.
We provide an optional high speed drilling unit, which can compose a complex punching anddrilling machine, the rotate speed of principal spindle and in feeding speed can be stepless adjusted.
3. As touching the workpiece, the infeed speed will be changed from fast speed to working speed automatically.As drilling through the thickness, the drilling spindle would return rapidly, the maximal diameter can be processed up to 40mm.
4. Self-correcting hydraulic clamp. Automatically adapts to the inequalities of workpiece, distance between two clamps can be adjusted to adapt to the size of workpiece. High-powered hydraulic system, system maintenance is convenient.
5.Hydraulic system includes many devices, such as high and low pressure filters, accumulator, water-cooler or air-cooler, and indicating instruments for pressure, temperature, and liquid-level. Adopting imported international famous brand of hydraulic solenoid valves.
6. Machine equipped with high precision spindle, for high performance drilling function.

Parameter List



Punching force (kN)


Marking force (kN)


Thickness range of workpiece (mm)

5-25(for Punching)

40(for drilling)

Max. workpiece dimension (mm)


Number of stations


Max. punching dia. (mm)


Max. drilling dia. (mm)


Hole of Spindle


Min. margin distance from a hole center (mm)

25 Punching

Up to diameter while drilling

Stroke of hydraulic slide (mm)


Air pressure (MPa)


Dimension of characters (mm)


Number of character

14 in a marking box.

Motor power of hydraulic pump (kW)


Power of servo motor (kW)


Stroke of drilling spindle (mm)


Speeds of drilling spindle(stepless adjustment, rpm)


X, Y & Z moving speed in technical

Max. 15M/min

maximum feeding speed

Max. 5M/min

CNC system


Net weight (kg)


Overall dimension (L×W×H  mm)


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