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plate drilling machine

  • JXZ0818/2 CNC Tube Sheet Drilling Machine

    Contact NowJXZ0818/2 CNC Tube Sheet Drilling MachineMainly used for tube sheet drilling in boiler barrel industry and welding basin shaped holes. Can use twist drill or inner cooling carbide drill for high speed drilling, no need for manual scribe, greatly improves holes position precision and drilling efficiency, realizes drilling automation.Read More

  • WZ30 CNC Horizontal Drilling Machine

    Contact NowWZ30 CNC Horizontal Drilling MachineThis machine is a horizontal CNC drilling machine, widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, papermaking machinery, heat exchangers, etc. industry, especially in the long axis of the flange end drilling, chamfered hole of rigid tapping and light milling function.Read More

  • Moving Splice Plate Drilling Machine

    Contact NowMoving Splice Plate Drilling MachineGZP3030/2 is gantry movable CNC drilling & milling machine, with function of drilling, tapping and slight-milling, can clamp carbide drill inner-cooling or twist drill. Mainly used in the processing of flange, heat-exchanger, splice plates, steel plates etc.Read More

  • SZ25/2,SZ40/2 CNC Horizontal Deep Hole Drilling Machine

    Contact NowSZ25/2,SZ40/2 CNC Horizontal Deep Hole Drilling MachineThis machine is mainly used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, power station, nuclear power plants and other industries of shell and tube for heat exchanger tube plate hole machining, maximum machining diameter 4000mm workpiece (need to flip 180 degrees) maximum drilling depth 800mm.Read More

  • SWZ12580/3A CNC Beam Drilling Machine

    Contact NowSWZ12580/3A CNC Beam Drilling MachineSupertime Technology is well-known for the high quality, reliable performance and easy operation of our swz12580/3a cnc beam drilling machine, which is one of the leading China manufacturers and suppliers. Should you are interested in our machines, please feel free to check the quotation with...Read More

  • CJ50 CNC Hydraulic Plate Punching Machine

    Contact NowCJ50 CNC Hydraulic Plate Punching MachineThis machine is used for punching marking of connection plate on power-transmission tower and steel structure industry, composed of main frame, x,y axes, working table, hydraulic system, electrical control system etc.Read More

  • GT1818/3 CNC Boiler Barrel Drilling Machine

    Contact NowGT1818/3 CNC Boiler Barrel Drilling MachineMainly used in drilling of boiler drum and similar workpiece , with working capacity ,9 Meters workpiece ,max drilling dia. 1800mm.Read More

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